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Assembly of elevated walkways or backstage, design of space for the parade through the development of the technical project (plans and advice), stands, seats, furniture, graphics, etc.

  • Fashion show In Church of San Telmo

  • Fashion show in Museo Balenciaga

  • Fashion show y La Perla

  • Fashion show in shopping center

  • Agatha Ruiz de la Prada fashion show

  • Fashion Show with of recycled material

  • Roberto Verino´s fashion show

  • Isabel Zapardiez fashion show

  • Young designers fashion show

  • Gipuzkoa de Moda Fashion Show

  • The 2nd Skin Co fashion Show

  • Gipuzkoa de Moda fashion show

  • Roberto Etxeberria fashion show

  • Fashion show in shopping center

  • Young designers fashion show