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Loyola 21 is a company specialized in rent and assembly of exclusive equipment for events

  • We offer high level services, very versatile, taking care of all the details and paying special attention to the needs of our customers. We take care of all the phases of the assembly of an event: advice, implementation of the technical project, assembly and coordination during the celebration of the event.
  • We have added several decades of experience in this sector and have performed all kind of events, from major sporting events and concerts, to outdoor weddings, awards or festivals.
  • Resolute and work proactively so that our services contribute to revalue the event in which we invest.
  • We are aware of the latest trends in design and infrastructure.
  • We rent, sell and install tents, stages, festive spaces, fair stands, fences and an extensive range of furniture and accessories that we renew periodically.


Rental and sale of tents and haimas

We have a wide range of modular tents: Two sides ceiling tents, bedouin and polygonal stretched canvases. We also have haimas (pagoda type) of different sizes and finishes. We offer a versatile service and our tents can be dressed with tarpaulins of different finishes (white, black, transparent, opaque ...), according to the needs of the client.

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Our main value is the highly trained personnel, trained in high-level work, in carp assembly, in occupational safety… We also have the most efficient means such as trucks with platform, crane, etc. and other vehicles to be able to move the merchandise in the best conditions and in any space (pallet trucks, electric forklifts, etc.

Furniture Rental

We have the capacity to create singular spaces and to project structures to give solution to the needs of our customer. We have a wide variety of chairs (Stacking, folding, classic, modern, with sheath, forging …), tables, counters, catenaries, poster-holders, stoves, panels, umbrellas and a long etcetera.

Projects and technical advice

At Loyola 21 we make available our technical department, so that they can solve with our help all technical and design issues that arise. In addition we always have different options to be able to give an adequate solution to your needs.

Installations and services

Our facilities, located in Usurbil, consist of more than 2,000 m2 distributed in two naves each with access door for trucks.

This area is distributed among warehouses with shelves, washing and drying area tents with natural ventilation, independent textile and electrical warehouses. In addition offices (technical and management), meeting rooms and office.

In human resources we have a workforce of 14 people. This is reinforced in the months of maximum work with regular temporary staff. It includes assembly personnel (officers and operatives), administration, commercial, technical ... all with the qualifications and corresponding training to always offer the best response.
We have the technical resources to respond to all types of events. From stages and tents to the most outstanding furniture for its design and performance. All this is renewed periodically trying to respond to the growing needs of our customers.

In addition we have a fleet of industrial vehicles adapted for transport in the best conditions (ramps, captains, ...) and for exceptional assemblies we have contracts with leading transport companies for their quality and performance: cranes, pens, vehicles with basket for placement Flags, etc.